modular-css updates & recent interests

There's been a surprising number of modular-css releases recently. I'm a little biased, but I think they're worth checking out!

v19.1.0 in particular came out of me doing some experiments while working on a new version of m-css.com. The current site is WOEFULLY out-of-date because CI doesn't build & deploy the site. Fixing that meant fixing a bunch of other things that I never liked anyways so it seemed like as good as time as any to fix up the REPL, take the existing docs and turn 'em into something approaching a guide, and generally spruce the place up a bit.

I'll be using svelte (not the new v3, I'm not that brave yet) for all the UI in the REPL, with @modular-css/svelte and @modular-css/rollup teaming up for styling support. I've been experimenting with proper single-file components using <style> tags inside the svelte .html files and... I dunno. It's nice in some cases but as soon as there's more than about 5-6 rules it starts to fall apart for me. Not convinced that I'll stick with it but not having to use a split editor or anything to edit CSS and compare it against the markup has been really nice.

The guide will be powered by a bunch of markdown. I built this blog using eleventy and while I'm not convinced that was the right choice it does handle a bunch of things. The new m-css.com won't have a blog or anything so right now I'm thinking I will concatenate a bunch of markdown files together, run them through markdown-it with some plugins, and call it a day. We'll see. Eleventy did just fix the issue that prevented it from being able to run tools like rollup inside the build process. I'm still not 100% sure that it'll work at all but it's at least theoretically possible to now use eleventy and rollup to build a static site with a JS/CSS/whatever bundle alongside it all in one command.

If I get it working for m-css.com I'll make sure to blog about it since apparently I do that now 😅

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