Here we go again

I last blogged in... 2011 so I'm a little out of practice, but I've been thinking more and more lately about how & where content is published online. I put a lot of stuff on twitter and github but sometimes you need more context than twitter but not the permanence of a github repo. A blog seems like the right place for that.

So, plans. I'm not totally clear what I'll be posting yet, but in general I intend for this to be a lot of small snippets of useful functionality I had to figure out while working on my day job and all the side projects and incidental technology that spills out of that. Probably lots of posts about svelte, modular-css (which desperately needs a real website), and whatever most recent victory I've claimed over the mostly-functional but ever-so-tempermental pairing of jest and puppeteer we use for our integration testing.

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